Geo Energy Marketing Services is committed to professionalizing and promoting the geothermal industry through enhancing the position and voice of all its contributing companies.

Geo Energy Marketing Services brings two decades of strategic marketing experience to the table, all focused on and committed to geothermal. We’re driven to better position your company to be more successful and competitive within the industry.

Let’s work together to reposition and define your brand, empower your sales team and establish your company as a market leader.

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Managing your brand is essential in establishing a professional and recognized position within the industry. We will conduct a comprehensive brand audit to identify gaps in your brand presence, and provide solutions for improvement.


Looking for more information on the industry? Geothermal industry market research provides you with competitive insight to make strategic and well-informed business decisions. We will customize any size market research project to your needs.


A website is often your company’s first impression with a customer. How easy is it for them to determine what it is that you do? We will develop an optimized website and communication tool tailored to meet your customer’s needs.


Develop a cutting edge and professional suite of collateral from logo design to product literature, infographics and advertisements to communicate key messages to your audience. We will tell your story visually across any design medium.


Social Media has become the industry’s fastest way for sharing news and engaging with individuals and communities. We will identify which platforms are most relevant to your business, and develop a brand and messaging strategy to execute.


Consider video communications as an alternative way to connect and tell your story. We will storyboard, film and edit dynamic videos to share compelling messages at trade shows, on websites, across social media and in email marketing campaigns.


Are you confident your exhibit accurately represents your brand, message and is effectively showcasing why you're there? We will help develop a strategy, look, feel and memorable exhibit experience that separates your company from the others.


Establish a consistent presence with the media by sharing professional company news and announcements on a consistent basis. We will help communicate and position your story to the right media channels.


Geo Energy Marketing Services is proud to be partnering with ThinkGeoEnergy. Learn more about how you can leverage us as a team and what we can do for you. Contact us today.


Vacuum Insulated Tubing for Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers

One of the ways to extract geothermal heat from the Earth’s crust is Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers (DBHE). These can be either drilled especially for heat […]

Geothermal Potential in the Caribbean

Many islands in the Caribbean have been formed as a result of volcanic activity. This occurred by subduction when the denser North American plate sunk beneath […]

Geothermal heating and cooling from Dannenbaum’s mine waters

The public utility company of Bochum in cooperation with the International Geothermal Centre is planning to utilize mine waters from the former Dannenbaum colliery (in operation […]


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