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Krafla Magma Testbed (KMT)

Geothermal drilling in the Krafla volcano in northern Iceland has confirmed the presence of rhyolite, liquid magma with a temperature of more than 900°C at a […]

Saskatchewan, Canada commences construction of its first geothermal plant

Plans are underway for Canada’s first geothermal plant to be constructed in Saskatchewan. It is estimated that the facility will provide power for approximately 5000 homes […]

The Potential Application of Composite Pipes in Geothermal Drilling

One of the technologies that may undoubtedly revitalize the global geothermal market in the very near future is the use of composite materials for casing, liner […]

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Geothermal Production

An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is a methodology employed to predict and review potential environmental and social impacts of a proposed project. First established […]

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Geothermal Power Plants

Emissions from geothermal power plants are significantly lower than those from fossil fuel and hydrocarbon powered plants. However, tapping into a geothermal field pushes natural gas […]

The Improvements of Primary Cementing Operations in Geothermal Wells

One of the most critical operations while drilling boreholes to explore geothermal resources is the primary cementing. Cement blend, placed behind the steel casing string, have […]

The IDDP-2 Well, A Significant Milestone in the Global Geothermal Industry

A significant milestone has been reached at the Reykjanes Peninsula in SW Iceland on the 25th of January 2017 when the IDDP-2 well was successfully drilled […]

Fractures and Geothermal Systems

Not everything fractured is broken. A fractured geothermal system agrees. Fractures are one of the most important features of geothermal exploration. They are the main conduits […]

Vacuum Insulated Tubing for Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers

One of the ways to extract geothermal heat from the Earth’s crust is Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers (DBHE). These can be either drilled especially for heat […]

Geothermal Potential in the Caribbean

Many islands in the Caribbean have been formed as a result of volcanic activity. This occurred by subduction when the denser North American plate sunk beneath […]