Vacuum Insulated Tubing for Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers
January 16, 2019
Fractures and Geothermal Systems
January 22, 2019

Think GeoEnergy – Partner

Geo Energy Marketing and ThinkGeoEnergy have collaborated on several projects, white papers, presentations, market research, event sponsorship, and public relations.  In addition, we’ve co-championed the mission of promoting geothermal to the public.

Geo Energy Marketing and ThinkGeoEnergy will continue to partner on relevant initiatives that best positions geothermal.

The Ultimate Trade Show Experience in 10 Steps

Think GeoEnergy and Geo Energy Marketing teamed up to write a 10 step guide to the ultimate Trade Show experience. We outline obvious and not-so-obvious tips to ensure you’re next trade show is a success. If you struggle to find ROI from your trade show investments – you need to download this whitepaper.

Positioning and Promoting: the role of marketing and communication in the geothermal sector

In 2017, Think GeoEnergy and Geo Energy Marketing tackled the elephant in the room and co-authored a paper addressing the importance of branding in the energy industry, how the geothermal industry needs to step up their game.  For more information on this paper – download it here!