Our Women in Geothermal campaign celebrates the amazing accomplishments, leadership and gender-equality driving women of our industry.

Below is a collection of an ever growing list of Women in Geothermal that we’ve featured across all of our social media platforms.

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Dr. Marit Brommer, Executive Director of the IGA

Until we have reached real equality in the workforce, as a woman you have to learn the rules of the game, accept that there are (un)conscious biases, adapt to them, and continue to set your own goals and ambitions regardless what your cultural context predicts you.


Andy Blair, Director at Upflow

The world is faced with big challenges, the energy industry not excluded. To solve these challenges we need a diverse workforce because diverse groups make better decisions, foster better work ethics and make for a more fun environment to work in.

Regina V. J. Pascual - Head, Environmental Management Dept. at EDC

In a work environment that is primarily male-dominated, we still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality in the Philippine Energy Sector.  The numbers, however, are steadily growing as more and more passionate, empowered and capable women join our agile workforce and continue to work for a higher purpose.

Claudia María Alfaro - Coordinadora Servicio Geológico Colombiano

Women’s participation in geosciences and engineering is significant today and on the rise. No doubt the development of the country’s geothermal energy will be built with the leadership, capacity, workforce and warmth of Colombian women.

Kelly Blake - Senior Geologist US Navy, Geothermal Program Office

Keeping young people interested in STEM is vastly important for this planet’s future. Being an advocate for women within the geothermal industry is hopefully a small role we are playing to push the importance of girls to refuse to drop off in STEM fields as they grow.

Kunzes Dolma - MSc Sustainable Energy Engineering Reykjavik University, Iceland

It was difficult for me to decide to return to Iceland for my Masters degree. My daughters were really happy when I was accepted into the Masters Fellowship and said I should not let go of the opportunity. They say I’m an inspiration and I want to inspire more girls to step out of their comfort zones and create a world where we won‘t have to think about Gender equality.

Margaret Krieger - Head of Communication and Research International Geothermal Association

A Chinese Proverb says, ‘A thousand-mile journey starts with a single step’. In order for us to embark on the journey of gender equality, we need to start with a small step – we have to stop using disclaimers like ‘I have no experience’, ‘I think I’m not good enough’, and ‘I am too young’. Instead of telling ourselves these self-made ‘truths’ we need to be confident, encouraged, and start telling different stories.

Caity smith - Geothermal Operations Manager National Renewable Energy Laboratory

During my time at USEA, I was able to form strong relationships with women working in the geothermal industry in multiple East African countries and helped to connect them with other women in the industry outside of their home countries. Now at NREL, I’m excited to see more young girls and women enthusiastic about geothermal and other sciences as the sector attracts new members of the workforce with varied skills and backgrounds.

Rosa María Barragán Reyes - Researcher, Ph. D. Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo

As a Mexican woman researcher, I am convinced that geothermal will become an important part of humanity’s energy future, and I’m proud to have devoted my life and professional career to contributing to its advancements.

Jamie Potter - Reservoir Engineer Mercury, New Zealand

It is wonderful to see the amount of encouragement for gender equality. We are fortunate in New Zealand to have an intelligent and enthusiastic group of women in geothermal. Thanks to WING, their passion for excellent geothermal engineering and science is spreading

Ratih Nurruhliati - Independent Consultant, WING Indonesia Coordinator

I’m able to provide practical education and real-life industry skills to a generation that will start a new era of geothermal in Indonesia in the 21st century. It is time to mentor and teach the new people in our industry for sustainability. This is extremely important for the energy plan and is part of the WING’s vision.

Katarzyna A. Kurek - Political expert & PhD candidate in Geothermal Resources Economics, Brussels

Geothermal energy still needs more political campaigning, research and development. WING can become a natural channel of popularizing this resource. Academia for instance, is one of the ways!

Violeta Orozco - Manager of Geo-Sciences and Geologist Drilling Supervisor Grupo Dragon, Mexico

To have started working on the first private geothermal field in Mexico is to speak of an effort of a group of female geologists collaborating on the drilling of the wells and conceptual models of our field. I’m still involved in the project, and every day I’m even more passionate to work alongside these women and discover what information still hides within the subsoil!

Cecilia Edling - Founder, Heatpower.com

It’s become quite clear that companies that are diverse are more motivated and perform better. Many organizations within the geothermal heat power sector work to advance the participation of women in the clean energy transition, and close the gender gap. Putting gender equality at the heart of the global transition to a clean energy future. I am proud of being a part of the future.

Katherine Young - Geothermal Program Manager National Renewable Energy Laboratory

I am in awe of the change makers I see in the geothermal industry – those working to improve our industry, invent new technologies, increase outreach, and overcome gender inequality. It’s true what’s been said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” To all of you, thank you!!

Cary Lindsey - Postdoctoral Researcher at Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy, University of Nevada, Reno

I work diligently in my personal and professional life to be visible for the next generation of young women. There is nothing they can’t accomplish, and it is our job to remind them of that with our own work.

Amelia Letvin - Independent Consultant, Wellsite Geologist, Working with Geologica at Sorik Marapi in North Sumatra

I work as a wellsite geologist on geothermal exploration projects in remote locations. Often, I am the only woman on site. To be a confident and competent voice in that atmosphere I do not “think like a man”, but rather think like a team!

Dr. Nicole Lautze - Director and Faculty Researcher / Hawaii Groundwater and Geothermal Resources Center

Without intentionally setting out to be a champion of gender equality in geothermal and/or STEM, the gender-oriented roadblocks I have (and continue to) face(d) in my academic career are substantial.  I am pulling for a sustainable planet and significant progress on gender equity into the future.

Alice Kim - Outreach and Digitization Coordinator / Hawaii Groundwater and Geothermal Resources Center

As a woman born and raised in Hawaii with Korean ancestry from a non-science background, I have always felt that my contributions and opinions were valued in this project. Just as stakeholders of geothermal energy in Hawaii are diverse, we must sensitively consider multiple opinions, perspectives, and solutions to forward groundwater and geothermal research in Hawaii

Martha Mburu - Manager, Direct-Use, Geothermal Development Company

I was the only graduate female working in the African geothermal sector 20 years ago. It was thought that women couldn’t make it in geothermal. I was determined to change that and prove a woman would manage and manage well.

Over time, we started employing female engineers. Twenty years later, I’m now a mentor to young women professionals and an example that we are just as competitive as men.

Cecilia D. Lorenzo Pulido - Chief of Discipline - Geophysics Comision Federal de Electricidad

I was the first female geophysical engineer in the Geothermal Exploration phase of Gerencia de Proyecto’s Geotermoelectricos with CFE in the 1990’s when it was a sector dominated by men. It’s exciting to think that my work could eventually have a positive impact on geothermal exploration, exploitation and inspire women in Mexico to choose engineering and geothermal as a career.

Jenna Micovic - Geologist - Gold Mining Northern Nevada, USA

The mining industry has traditionally been a male-dominated field and combined with working/ living in remote areas, I was making a huge jump into the unknown transitioning to mining. Taking the risk of coming out to live in a small mining town in remote northern Nevada and learning a whole new industry has enabled me to grow my skills and confidence as a woman in STEM.

Magaly Flores Armenta - Gerente de Ingenieria Especializada Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE)

I consider the greatest challenges the geothermal industry faces today are related to the fact that we have not been able to reduce the cost of exploration and drilling for the purpose of confirming and extracting the resource. I’m doing all that I can in Mexico, to investigate best practices and techniques to reduce the costs inherent in exploration and drilling.

Jamie C. Beard Esq. - Executive Director, GEO, UT Austin

I believe that geothermal energy is the obvious strategic future of the oil and gas industry, and I will do everything I can to help encourage that pivot. The oil and gas industry is the single most resourced and capable asset we have on the planet for adding gigawatts, if not terawatts, of baseload, CO2 free geothermal energy to the grid in the coming decades. If we want to address climate change in the coming decades, we should have all hands on deck to make this a reality.

Charis Wong - Geochemist and earining PhD at Institut national de la recherche scientifique

We need to be a voice for those who haven’t yet found their own voices. Then one day they can do the same for others. It’s like breaking the cycle. We all hold the power to advocate for one another, you just need to believe in what is important and be willing to speak up for it. Don’t underestimate the ripples you are capable to create.

Laure Mora - Sales & Business Development Manager - Climeon

It is all about restoring the balance, the more women are promoted into leadership positions, the more role models younger women and girls can look up to, the more they will feel empowered to choose whichever career they want. A diverse team is a perfect way of getting more out of your workforce.

Makda Kinfe Gebreyesu, Geothermal Drilling Engineer IV

I’m thankful that gender issues have not stopped me from being what I want. I am proud of the history that I made in my country working as the first and only female geothermal drilling engineer since 2013 with G.S.E. Ethiopia. Since then, I’ve helped lead talented and dynamic women leaders to rise to the top in a field where you can clearly look at the challenges women often face

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