Risk Mitigation for Geothermal Development
February 25, 2019
Air Drilling Associates – Brochure
February 28, 2019

JRG Energy – Partner

JRG Energy is an established group of personalized consultants, engineers, and technicians servicing the Geothermal, O&Gand Renewable Energy Industries.  Geo Energy Marketing is partnering with JRG Energy to serve as their outsourced marketing team.

Social Media Management

JRG Energy brought Geo Energy Marketing in to take over all social media management duties. Since doing this, developed a deeper, global brand awareness and increased community engagement by putting a voice behind the brand on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Collateral Design

JRG Energy would customize and small-batch print material they needed for specific to client presentations.  Geo Energy Marketing developed a custom, comprehensive Corporate Capabilities Brochure relevant to any new prospect or an existing client interested in learning more about JRG Energy’s complete service offering.