Air Drilling Associates is one of the largest providers of managed pressure, underbalanced and air/foam/aerated fluids drilling services to the petroleum and geothermal energy industries.   ADA came to Geo Energy Marketing to consolidate and re-design an Underbalanced Drilling Services brochure that had multiple different versions in circulation with inconsistent branding and messaging.

New Underbalanced Drilling Services Brochure

Air Drilling Associates came to Geo Energy Marketing after recently completing two mergers and acquisitions.  In doing so,  they recognized a need to update, consolidate and redesign a brochure representing one of their core services offered.  Geo Energy Marketing worked with ADA to finalize approved and consistent messaging and branding to create a comprehensive new brochure.

February 28, 2019

Air Drilling Associates – Brochure

February 28, 2019

JRG Energy – Partner